Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Refurbished Night Stand Kitchen

This is the solid wood night stand BEFORE

                       And this is the FINISHED product!
                                     Side View
                                      Drawer and front view.
Behind curtain front view.

I looked everywhere for a boy or gender neutral kitchen and couldn't seem to find one that fit "our" lifestyle, until I ran across this kitchen blog land and got inspired to make my own! I also saw this one along the way!
I knew that I didn't want to copy exactly what they did so I put my own little spin on it and made it a little more masculine.
I started off by sanding the entire nightstand and then cutting out the holes for the sink, faucet and knobs. Then I put a few coats of primer on it. Then I taped the top of the top of the night stand so I wouldn't get red paint on it. Then I painted about 3 different coats of red paint that I found in the "uh-oh" section of Walmart. I then painted the top white. I cut out 4" circles using my Cricut Expression out of black vinyl for the burners. The faucet I found at a junk store for 5 bucks and the knobs I found at our Habitat For Humanity store for .50 each! The sink is an old dog bowl that I got out of my sister-in-laws yard and cleaned it up! At first I was going to use a regular tension rod to hang the curtain but I decided against that because I knew how rough my son is and I didn't want to have to be putting it back up every 5 minutes, so I bought a tension rod that has brackets on it's ends from Family Dollar for $3. The robot material is from Hobby Lobby and I used a 40% off coupon so it was super cheap. I had enough material left over to make an apron and a pot holder to match.
My 2 year old son and 4 year old nephew play with it everyday!


  1. So sorry you are having blogger trouble. There is nothing worse:) This turned out cute. I love the red! Thanks for linking it up!

  2. that turned out so cute!!! i love the fabric- it's so fun!
    and blogger i sjust temperamental sometimes- it is frustrating, but it usually fixes itself.