Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last week during spring break we went to the zoo to see the elephants. They had been gone a while and now have a beautiful and spacious new home!
Tristan calls them "ef fants"

Group shot of all the kids (Alyssa, Montana, Kayden, Tristan, Chas, Dylan and Shelle)
The Monkeys were Tristan's favorite part of the zoo. He kept yelling "oo-oo-ah-ah" every time he would get near one. The chimpanzees were is absolute favorite though! He loved watching them swing on their ropes and play with their blankets. I so wish I had taken my video camera that day just so you could hear the excitement in his little voice!
We bought the zoo cup a while ago and when you bring it back to the zoo you get $.50 refills all day! I made the mistake of sitting my coke down in the wagon and he latched onto it and I don't think he came up for a breath! He loved it! LOL
Before we left the kids just had to have some way overpriced dippin dots! Can you see Tristan's tongue? He couldn't get it in there fast enough!

We had a wonderful time at the zoo! It was perfect 65 degree weather and the kids had a great time seeing all the animals...we hope to go back many more times before our zoo membership runs out!

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